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“To age with dignity translates the maturity of the life. To recognize yourself in the time is to have your self-esteem alive. The beauty is not in shape or harmony, but in the spirit and soul.”
                              [removed]                     - Dr. Eduardo Duarte.

DR. DUARTE   Plastic Surgeon

There is a big question regarding the best moment people should give in to plastic surgery. 

In fact, we determine it when we feel the need to improve our welfare, our health, quality of life and overall our self - esteem. The art of our result is in the satisfaction we get from our patients.

We understand that a good physician practice is a good relationship with our patients, in order to guarantee confidence, respectability, safety and attention. This way we manage to create an atmosphere of harmony among doctor and patient, making it easier to achieve the understanding between the possible and the desirable.


We believe in our work, our team and our commitment.

Specific Surgeries

Breast Augmentation

Na Augmentation mammoplasty consists on inserting an implant of silicone in the breast, so that it has the expected volume.

Breast Reduction

The aesthetic concept of the size of the breasts has changed during the years. However, what must be searched is the balance between the breast size and biotype of the patient.


The nose surgery is an apparently simple procedure, but it assumes a complex aspect due to the importance of it in face configuration. Here, one more time, the search for the harmony is essential for a good result.


The ear surgery for shell ears correction is usually performed in children between 5 and 7 years-old, but also provides satisfactory results in adults.


This surgery is indicated to remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen.


Correcting facial imperfections, like a nose job, consists on a complex process, regarding to results, since the face is of great importance, and any exaggeration can impose a non natural look.


The liposuction is the withdrawal of fat excess in determined regions of the body, normally abdomen, laterals of the back, legs and internal region of the thighs.

Botulinim Toxin

The botulinum toxin type A is a powerful neurotoxin gotten from cultures of clostridium botulinum.

Hyaluronic Acid

It does not have animal origin, it is a safe transparent gel with little concentration of protein and endotoxin level.

Facial Aesthitics

Skin Cleaning

Moisturizing and Revitalizing


Electro Acupuncture

Green Peel (Peeling Herbal)

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