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“To age with dignity translates the maturity of the life. To recognize yourself in the time is to have your self-esteem alive. The beauty is not in shape or harmony, but in the spirit and soul.”
                                                   - Dr. Eduardo Duarte.

DR. DUARTE   Plastic Surgeon

There is a big question regarding the best moment people should give in to plastic surgery. 

In fact, we determine it when we feel the need to improve our welfare, our health, quality of life and overall our self - esteem. The art of our result is in the satisfaction we get from our patients.

We understand that a good physician practice is a good relationship with our patients, in order to guarantee confidence, respectability, safety and attention. This way we manage to create an atmosphere of harmony among doctor and patient, making it easier to achieve the understanding between the possible and the desirable.


We believe in our work, our team and our commitment.

Specific Surgeries

Breast Augmentation

Na Augmentation mammoplasty consists on inserting an implant of silicone in the breast, so that it has the expected volume.

It must be pointed out that not always what the patient desires is what is best for her case. The volume of the implant must be indicated by the surgeon, who will take into consideration various aspects, as the capacity of skin sustentation, patient’s biotype, among others. Common-sense must used in the choice, so that the result is aesthetically satisfactory and as natural as possible.

Mostly, the scars are in little visible places and their appearance modifies with time according to specific characteristics of each patient, becoming almost imperceptible.

The surgery lasts from one to two hours and general, epidural or local anesthesia under sedation can be used, according to the surgical team preference. The postoperative period generally does not present pain, since that the patient follows medical orientation correctly, mainly the orientations about moving of the arms.

The convenience or of a new pregnancy has to be advised by the gynecologist, but in general, the result can be preserved.

Capsule contracture may occur in the augmentation mammoplasty, commonly known as hardening of the breasts. This occurs because of the exaggerated shrinking of the fibrous tissue capsule (internal scar) formed around the implant. In some people the capsule will tighten and squeeze the implant, causing it to feel really hard. In this situation, the implant can be removed and changed. This process occurs due to a reaction of the organism against the presence of the implant.

The reintroduction of new implants must be determined by patient and doctor together.

Breast Reduction

The aesthetic concept of the size of the breasts has changed during the years. However, what must be searched is the balance between the breast size and biotype of the patient.

Although the majority of the current surgeries of breast are for enlargement, there are patients and cases where the reduction is recommended. Either for aesthetic or functional reasons, since a very large breast can cause problems of posture and in the vertebral column.

The surgery consists on the withdrawal of glandular tissue and fat and the technique used depends on the volume and the flaccidity presented. It is important to point out that there are discrete asymmetries in almost all women who had never submitted to surgical procedures.

The scars in its majority are in little visible places and its appearance modifies with time and according to specific characteristics of each patient, being able to become almost imperceptible.

The surgery may last from two to four hours and the anesthesia used can be local, general, epidural or associated, according to the choice of the surgical team. The postoperative period generally does not present pain, since that the patient follows the medical orientation correctly, avoiding moving the arms and efforts in the eight first days.

The convenience or inconvenience of a new pregnancy has to be advised by the gynecologist, but generally there is no problem. The lactation can be harmed by very large breasts that suffered an accentuated reduction.


The nose surgery is an apparently simple procedure, but it assumes a complex aspect due to the importance of it in face configuration. Here, one more time, the search for the harmony is essential for a good result.

The reasons for this surgery can be purely aesthetic, as to diminish the span of the nostrils or to narrow and raise the tip of the nose, or for functional reasons as a way to improve respiratory functions of the patient.
In some cases, it is necessary to break the nasal bone so that there is a correction, and this way the surgery and recovery are a little longer.

The scars in some cases are hidden inside the nostrils, and in others, external but little scars may be apparent.

The shape of the nose will be determined by the surgeon, according to the characteristics of the face, and the aspect of the skin also will also be considered as an important factor in the final result. The patient’s expectancy in the result can be achieved only if the configuration of the nose and face allows. Another factor that must be taken into consideration is the preservation of the functional aspect, as breathing and smelling. In the immediate postoperative period there could be some respiratory difficulty, but this function normalizes after a few days.

A small bleeding in the nose may occur but it will be absorbed by a dressing placed at the opening of the nose and this dressing might be changed at home, as many times as necessary. The patient will have to sleep with the head lightly elevated and facing up avoid the sun while there are bruises.


The ear surgery for shell ears correction is usually performed in children between 5 and 7 years-old, but also provides satisfactory results in adults.

The surgery is very simple and aims to diminish the distance between the ears and the laterals of the head. The scar is normally little visible, located behind the ear. The surgical act usually lasts from 90 to 120 minutes and the anesthesia used in children is general, and in adults, local with or without sedation. The postoperative can present a little discomfort, attenuated by the use of common analgesic.

Wearing glasses should be avoided in the first weeks.

The result is often definitive and can be observed after the12th week.


This surgery is indicated to remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen.

With the recent increase of stomach reduction surgeries, it is common, after the patient has lost a lot of weight to present excess of skin in the abdominal region, what can be corrected with the abdominoplasty. Also women after pregnancy that can’t return to her previous body, usually submit to this process. However, it may not be considered as a surgery of weight loss that evidently will be reduced due to withdrawal of skin and fat but the success of the surgery will have to be analyzed by the obtained proportion between the trunk and the members.

The abdominal surgery may or may not be associated with the liposuction in order to remove fat in excess and in adjacent abdominal regions.

The scar of this surgery is located right above the pubic area, moving laterally in greater or minor extension, being planned to be disguised by the underwear. The navel will not be remade, but in some cases it can be transplanted or reshaped.
The excess of fat in the region of the stomach not necessarily will be corrected and it will depend on the thickness of the fat and the proportion of the trunk: if it is short, it will be partially corrected and the long type is more favored.

The anesthesia used normally is general or epidural, in some cases a local one under sedation can be used. The surgery duration varies according to the complexity of the case. The postoperative is normally well tolerated, without the intense occurrence of pain, with a light discomfort.

The occurrence of a new pregnancy will have to be discussed with the gynecologist, but it is recommended that the surgery is carried through only after the patient has had as many children as they want.


Correcting facial imperfections, like a nose job, consists on a complex process, regarding to results, since the face is of great importance, and any exaggeration can impose a non natural look.

Ritidoplasty is indicated to the correction of wrinkles and reduction of face ridges that confer an old aspect to the face. The objective of the surgery is not to return youth to the patient, but to harmonize the physical traits in a way that the aging process does not reflect in an exaggerated way in the face. Enhancing the face condition is reflected in bigger joviality, but it is not capable to make a person of 40 years to have the face of one of 20.

The scars generated in this procedure are not very evident, but they can be disguised by the use of cosmetic products and makeup.

The duration of the surgery depends on the extension of the same one; on eyelids and neck will also being involved and it could take more than 4 hours. The anesthesia could be general or local under sedation, according to the doctor’s preference. If there is pain occurrence, common analgesic use is recommended.

A haircut in the incision areas could be necessary, but it is normally of little extension and can be easily disguised. Hair could be washed carefully between the second and the seventh days, and blow-drying is possible at moderate temperature. The Dyes could be used after the 4th week and local makeup normally after the 1st week.


The liposuction is the withdrawal of fat excess in determined regions of the body, normally abdomen, laterals of the back, legs and internal region of the thighs.

As well as the abdominoplasty (surgery of abdomen), it does not have to be faced as weight loss process, and its use is indicated in cases when dieting and exercising weren’t effective.

The fat withdrawal produces an obvious reduction of the weight, but it must be taken into consideration that there is a limit to be removed and in case that the patient is very above of the weight, dieting and exercising are recommended previously to the intervention.

The scars of this surgery are located in diverse parts of the body and are normally minimum, resultant from the introduction of cannulas that will be used to remove the fat, in which its thickness varies from 0.5 to 1 cm.

The used anesthesia can be the general, epidural or local, depending on the areas to be sucked and the duration of the surgery will also be related to this factor.

The liposuction normally presents satisfactory results in the correction of the fat on the stomach region, but the final result depends on the thickness of the fat tissue and the elasticity of the skin. To help to diminish the postoperative swelling, physical therapy techniques, as lymphatic draining can be associated.
Although the fat withdrawal is definitive, as time passes by the disposal of fat in the body changes, and it may harm liposuction results. The occurrence of new pregnancy does not tend to harm the result, since that the patient comes back to its previous weight and the skin does not present flabbiness.

The postoperative of the liposuction is usually painful and any discomfort could not be treated with common analgesic

Botulinim Toxin

The botulinum toxin type A is a powerful neurotoxin gotten from cultures of clostridium botulinum.

It is indicated in the treatment of wrinkles located in the frontal region, around the eyes (crow’s feet) and mouth, glabellar region, nasal, and in the bands of the platisma muscle in the anterior cervical region. It can be applied in the doctor's office and its durability is from 6 to 8 months.

Hyaluronic Acid

It does not have animal origin, it is a safe transparent gel with little concentration of protein and endotoxin level.

It shows high biocompatibility with instantaneous and satisfactory results, with durability of approximately 6 to 8 months. It can be applied in the doctor’s office.

Facial Aesthitics

Skin Cleaning

Indicated to oily skin, with acne, dark dots, and pimples.

Moisturizing and Revitalizing

Indicate to almost all types of skin, at any age,except skin with acne. It is a treatment that unites exfoliation, moisturizing, massage and relaxing. Depending on the necessity, we can include electro acupuncture


People with dark spots that had appeared after pregnancy, contraceptive use, sun exposure, etc… This treatment does not remove spots completely, but a result of up to 70% is obtained.

Electro Acupuncture

Treatment directed to wrinkles. It is performed with fine needles associated with pulsating electrical current, creating protein gathering, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Green Peel (Peeling Herbal)

German Peeling that acts on scars caused by acne, recent stria or dilated pores. We estimate achieving results in 5 days.

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